The objectives of the IPFA

  • to safeguard in all respects the interests of the members of the pension funds affiliated with the association.
  • to act as the representative of the pension funds in matters regarding their common interests and to present their views to the authorities and other bodies in all major matters which might affect the common interests of the associated funds.
  • to take the initiative in the general debate on matters concerning the funds and pension issues and to promote their positive image.
  • to be active in matters of publishing and education on behalf of the pension funds, such as by holding seminars and courses, publishing reports and offering other services to the pension funds and their members.
  • to promote rationalization and development in the activities of the fund members.
  • to observe the development of matters on pension abroad and take part in international cooperation of associations of pension funds.
  • to undertake specific projects for individual pension funds within the association according to special decisions by the Board of Directors of the association, providing such activities clear expenses and are consistent with its objective and purpose.